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Aug 25, 2013 8:30am PDT
america or native american. it doesn't matter whether we're straight or gay, we're one people -- >> the actual anniversary is wednesday, that is when president obama will speak from the steps of the lincoln memorial along with former president bill clinton and jimmy carter. close tore home, hundreds of people marched in san jose, they walked about a mile to the county building shouting, slogans and drumming. there was one woman who marched in washington 50 years ago and sat in her view there has been significant progress that more needs to be done. still ahead this morning what san francisco has to do to live up to the i have a dream speech. >>> on the action san francisco may take against nevada for dumping mentally ill patients in california. surfers and swimmers banned because of a shark. >> the weather department much more tranquil we're looking for a pleasant area once we dispense look at the nation's midsection. they're heating up and they're cooling down, good forecast for you after a break. ,,,, bay area headlines... stins beach is re-opening to ,,,,,,,, swimming and surfing tod
Aug 18, 2013 8:30am PDT
conversation coming up. >>> mishaps on the water. the scary moments in this america's cup race on the san francisco bay. students... how san francisco with a new law >>> went all day without using the bathroom? >> how san francisco is leading the state with a new law and critics who say it goes too far. >>> changes in the weather department. some clouds around the bay. sunshine inland and prospects for some thunderstorms late tonight. yeah. we'll have details. first, let's pay homage to our sponsor. oh look, some sunshine out there. ,,,, ,,,,,,,, killed five women last >>> more bay area headlines. tomorrow we will learn more about deadly limb seen fire that killed five women last may. you're looking at cell phone video of that fire. you can see the back end of the limo bursting into flames. it happened while the limo was traveling across the san mateo bridge. the joint investigation by city and county authorities is expected to reveal what caused the fire and whether or not negligence may be involved. the four surviving passengers say they told the driver there was smoke before the fire i
Aug 25, 2013 7:30am PDT
. america has to understand that our issues of race stem from slavery. we went into an antebellum jim crowe and other phases of our society. there's been enormous gains but we're still dealing with the core issue of crime and punishment and race in our society. >> final question, where does obama fit in all of 24? he's going into his second term now. where does he fit in? >> he has often said -- he's made some great speeches on race, but he has not weighed in on racial issues, you know. he wants to represent all americans. that's a political answer. >> i agree with joe. i think he's in an "all boats float" type of mode. but i do believe that the speech eric holder gave puts the nation on notice that we want to look closer at our policies involving incarceration. >> a lot of parts of society taking stock right on how far we've come on this anniversary. >> so we have the voting rights act. we still have concerns about incarceration among young african-americans and also the dropout rate. if you look at the numbers in the bay area, they're not good, even here. so somehow, we're not askin
Aug 4, 2013 8:30am PDT
regular briefs and having his team take all steps to keep america safe. >> the state department is asking -- to register with the embassies in the country so that they can be located in case there is an incident. >>> today the highest security -- in egypt -- going on right now in cairo is not open-ended. right now supporters are camped out in two squares demanding his reinstatement as president. today the national defense counsel issued a statement suggesting that the window for a negotiated end is narrowing. the top u s. diplomat william burns is in cairo now trying to bring about some resolution without blood she had. i see riley and palestine january negotiates are making some headway in peace talks in washington this week. israel says it will some -- and possibly more in another wave depending on these negotiations. the u. s. wants a deal on the terms of a palestinian state within nine month. but they're worried israel will only seek a temporary arrangement. tens of thousands of bart riders trying to figure out plan b. >> and other transit agencies are stepping up for tomorrow'
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4